Get peace of mind with home automation and security

Secure access for sitters

Give your babysitters their own entry codes, which can be configured to only work on specific days and times.  You can receive a notification when they come and go to ensure your kids are being looked after.

Keep tabs on your kids

Monitor access to video games, toys, or treats with sensors that will alert you when doors or cabinets are opened.

Safe arrival

Get notifications (with pictures) when your kids get home from school. And, get alerted when they don’t get home on schedule.

Stop sneak-outs

Set rules to receive notifications when doors and windows open.  Wave Smart Home will also send alerts when it detects unexpected activity, such as entry or exit at unusual hours.

Nanny cam

Peek in with a live video to see what your babysitter is up to with your kids while you’re away.

Emergency first response

Easy to use emergency buttons for kids and sitters to reach emergency services without needing to call 911.