Take care of your pets at home or away

Custom access for pet sitters

Give your pet sitter their own entry code, which can be configured to only work on specific days and times. You can receive a notification when they come and go to ensure your pet is well-cared for.

Lock and unlock doors remotely

Use your Smart Home app to lock and unlock doors and arm and disarm your system remotely to let your dog-walker and pet sitter into your house.

Keep your pet comfy

Smart Home temperature sensors will alert you if your home is too hot—or cold. And, coming soon you can set your home to automatically adjust your heating and cooling system to keep your critters comfortable.

Check in on your pets

See what Fido is up to and even say “hello”. Use the indoor video camera with two-way audio to check in on your pet throughout the day.

Emergency first response

Have peace of mind knowing that your system will notify you and dispatch first response in the event of an emergency at your home. Your pets can be safe even if you aren’t around.